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27 Sep 2016

When you are following a strict diet regime such as Vegan, Gluten-free or dairy free it's often hard to find an appropriate food that will taste good and tolerate your bodies as well. Especially when candies are in the question, this is why the folks back at the Lovely Candy Company understood the situation of people facing allergies go through and believe that they too deserve as much as choices as everyone else.

Lovely candy company's candies are crafted with the best ingredients available and are gluten free certified candies made in the USA. Not only this, it also does not contain any artificial ingredients or colors. It's totally a GMO free candy with zero trans-fat and non-high fructose syrup. The company was started when Jackie co-founder of the lovely candy co. asked her husband to get her favorite licorice. This wasn't just it, it also had to be gluten free. It eventually sprouted into a venture into a market that had been barely tapped by other big players. Thus giving birth to their prime product gluten free licorice that contained all the taste and texture of a premium quality licorice.  It contains natural flavors and ingredients with true licorice extract giving you the true flavor experience of licorice.

Apart from gluten free licorice lovely candy co. also manufactures fruit chews, fudgee rolls, and caramel candies all containing natural ingredients. What's best of all is that you no longer need to hit the store to eat these delicious candies. You can order it online with a few clicks and have it delivered to you at your doorstep. Even so if you feel that you need the walk you can log on their website to find the nearest retailer to you. Lovely Candy Co. is one of the very few companies where you can buy gluten free licorice online in USA.


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