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02 Feb 2017
All kids love candies more than adults for some reasons. If you want to impress your kids on their birthdays or any another occasion, then there’s no better way than greeting them by making several varieties of healthy, homemade candy bars.

Homemade candy bars are really delicious, and you can customize the same by adding different flavors and add-ons to impress your kids. Read the below article to learn the easy and quick way to make food candy bars that taste similar as good as you buy candies online:

You can easily make a crunchy candy covered with the chocolate coating by cooking sugar and dark corn syrup with vinegar and tempered with baking soda. Gather the below-mentioned material and ingredients to make awesome candy bars similar like the ones available on an online candy store.

What All You’ll Need?

•1 cup white sugar

•1 cup dark corn syrup

•1 tablespoon vinegar

•1 tablespoon baking soda
•1 pound chocolate confectioners' coating

•9x13 inch baking dish

Direction For Making Candy Bars

•Lit the fire and keep the mixture of sugar, corn syrup and vinegar on medium flame

•Stir it well until the sugar get dissolved

•Remove from the mixture from the fire, once sugar gets dissolved

•Add baking soda to it and stir it well

•After mixing the baking soda, allow the material to cool completely

•Melt the chocolate confectioners' coating in microwave and add the mixture into it

•Keep stirring it until it gets smooth

•Now, break the cooled candy into small bit size pieces and dip into melted candy coating

•Serve the delicious home-made candy bars to your kids and impress them with your cooking skills

The recipe mentioned above will help you create candies that are being sold on any leading candy store online US.


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