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03 Jul 2017

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Candies are known for spreading happiness and joy, but have you ever heard about celebrating the candy month? Candy industry and employees make numerous efforts to make you feel happy and cheerful on your special occasions, however, most of the customers just buy candies, without acknowledging their efforts and hardships. If you really wish to make it large and loud, then party with your friends, family, and guests with some amazing candy flavors during this month. Read below to know about some of the exciting facts that you can share with your loved ones while enjoying some exotic candies:

As per the recent report published by the U.S. Census Bureau, the following facts are being available for referencing to candy sales and consumption in U.S.:

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  • American consumers consume about 22 pounds of candy every single year and major part of the same is chocolate
  • More than 1,360 national firms produce chocolate and cocoa products, costing around $16 billion, every year.
  • Near about 493 locations, many of which have their own online candy store, get engaged in producing non-chocolate confections, raising around $10 billion,every year.
  • More than 61,000 Americans are employed in manufacturing sweets, candies, chocolates, and treats.
  • Around 3,200 specialty shops, most of it having their own online candy store USA, are engaged in selling nuts and candy confections to the entire nation
  • Near about 2.2 million metric tons of chocolate is imported every year to manufacture candies and chocolates that are being consumed by Americans in an year
  • Global confectionery components market is expected to reach $109.48 billion by 2025

You can browse the web or visit the website of U.S. Census Bureau to know more about some amazing facts that can help you understand the money involved in US candy business. If you are a candy lover or have a sweet tooth, then celebrate your desires with some sweet obsessions and live your life with loads of happiness!


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