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03 Jul 2017

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Candies are known for spreading happiness and joy, but have you ever heard about celebrating the candy month? Candy industry and employees make numerous efforts to make you feel happy and cheerful on your special occasions, however, most of the customers just buy candies, without acknowledging their efforts and hardships. If you really wish to make it large and loud, then party with your friends, family, and guests with some amazing candy flavors during this month. Read below to know about some of the exciting facts that you can share with your loved ones while enjoying some exotic candies:

As per the recent report published by the U.S. Census Bureau, the following facts are being available for referencing to candy sales and consumption...

13 Jun 2017

Adopting newer packaging ideas not only make things look attractive but also help in increasing the curiosity of people to whom they have been gifted to. One of the most amazing facts about gifting is that – receivers are eager to open their gifts and they love it the most when they are nicely packed and presented with high gratitude. If you wish to turn that curiosity into a smile and wish to make your loved ones feel special, then read the sections below to know about top 3 candy packaging ideas you must try while presenting the same as gifts on special occasions:

1.      Get it Framed

Presenting a picture frame filled with dark and milk chocolates is an ideal option if you wish to choose something that can be used...

09 May 2017

The growing advent of branding and promotional techniques has made website owners think about newer ways for announcing sales and offers on their products. Most of the candy stores in US are facing huge branding issues as they aren’t able to reach out to their potential customers on weekends.

One of the best possible solutions for the aforesaid problem is selecting weekdays to host sales and offers on your online candy store. Yes, you’ve read it right. As most of the online stores and portals are having sales and extra discounts on weekends, you can choose to host the same on weekdays to attract more customers and earn better profits. If you have liked this business trick, then read below to know what all you...

01 Apr 2017

If you own of an online candy, then you may experience slow orders, and delayed repeated orders from your valued customers over a period. Running an online candy store isn’t helping you to earn sustainable profits?

Do you think that it is the time to brand and promote your candies on different selling platforms? If yes, then read the tips below to understand how you can make your online candy store business be available offline and serve the world with candies that share happiness and ensure cherished moments, once the wrapper gets opened up:

1.Get in Touch with Retailers
The prime solution to boost up your candy sales is making them available to general public through a network of retailers. You can share free...

09 Mar 2017
Have you just started your candy shop business? Do you think it’s difficult to manage your candy bar operations? If yes, then either you’re following a wrong strategy, or you have lesser experience in the sales domain. Your candy shop must be having almost everything – starting from chocolates, gluten free sweets, to lollipops and fruit chews, but making your business popular is one of the biggest hurdles that you have been facing since past few years.
To avoid creating a mess and ruining up your profits badly, you must get in touch with industrial experts who can assist you in taking your business to newer heights. Read the following tips to know about a few success mantras that can help you in achieving pre-defined business...

02 Feb 2017
All kids love candies more than adults for some reasons. If you want to impress your kids on their birthdays or any another occasion, then there’s no better way than greeting them by making several varieties of healthy, homemade candy bars.

Homemade candy bars are really delicious, and you can customize the same by adding different flavors and add-ons to impress your kids. Read the below article to learn the easy and quick way to make food candy bars that taste similar as good as you buy candies online:

You can easily make a crunchy candy covered with the chocolate coating by cooking sugar and dark corn syrup with vinegar and tempered with baking soda. Gather the below-mentioned material and ingredients to make awesome candy bars...

09 Jan 2017
Chocolate is an ultimate comfort food, a tasty treat and a mood-enhancer. But is it at all healthy? Yes, chocolate is not just the tastiest food on Earth, but it is good for your health too. You can include this delicious sweet treat in your diet because chocolate provides an array of health benefits. If you are still not convinced, then these 3 reasons will convince you to buy chocolate from online candy store and eat a hearty piece of it right now.

Reason #1 – Research studies prove that chocolate is healthy
Several research studies have found that chocolate may help to keep your brain healthy and improve cognitive function. Chocolate contains cocoa which increases blood flow to the brain, resulting in improved thinking power and...

05 Dec 2016
Have candy leftover at home from a recently hosted party? So why not turn those candies into delicious treats? Use extra candy bars, caramels, and chocolate candy into something fun kitchen creations that can be enjoyed at home, taken to the office, or anywhere you are looking to enjoy your favorite candies with delicious treats. Here are three creative ways to use leftover candies:

## Candy Brownie

You will be in surprise with this irresistible brownie bites containing your favorite caramel candies! Your favorite mini candies and classic brownies will provide you best-of-both-worlds. Stir candies into brownie batter and bake it for a tasty treat. Candy brownie is an instant dessert hit. It is an easy-to-make dessert that you can enjoy...