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13 Jun 2017

Adopting newer packaging ideas not only make things look attractive but also help in increasing the curiosity of people to whom they have been gifted to. One of the most amazing facts about gifting is that – receivers are eager to open their gifts and they love it the most when they are nicely packed and presented with high gratitude. If you wish to turn that curiosity into a smile and wish to make your loved ones feel special, then read the sections below to know about top 3 candy packaging ideas you must try while presenting the same as gifts on special occasions:

1.      Get it Framed

Presenting a picture frame filled with dark and milk chocolates is an ideal option if you wish to choose something that can be used...

09 May 2017

The growing advent of branding and promotional techniques has made website owners think about newer ways for announcing sales and offers on their products. Most of the candy stores in US are facing huge branding issues as they aren’t able to reach out to their potential customers on weekends.

One of the best possible solutions for the aforesaid problem is selecting weekdays to host sales and offers on your online candy store. Yes, you’ve read it right. As most of the online stores and portals are having sales and extra discounts on weekends, you can choose to host the same on weekdays to attract more customers and earn better profits. If you have liked this business trick, then read below to know what all you...

05 Dec 2016
Holiday celebrations have already begun and people are getting ready to welcome Christmas. So, treat family and friends this Christmas season to homemade favorites with these candy-based recipes. Entertain in style and celebrate in good health with scrumptious sweet treats that will also include your favorite candy varieties.

## Caramel + Chocolate = Addicting Toffee

An unbelievably easy, no-hassle, homemade toffee recipe that can be made at home using caramel candy and chocolate! Order caramels that are free from GMO, soy and HFCS from online candy shop in USA. This will help you get rich original caramels right at your doorstep, without making any efforts to make caramel at home.
Melt chocolate in a double boiler and spread it over...

27 Oct 2016
Scare up some smiles at this Halloween season by creating these creepy, fun and frightful recipes using candies.
•Halloween Peanut Butter Filled Cookie Pops

Cookie pops filled with peanut butter is a great Halloween treat. Decorate with some creepy Halloween candy creatures for more fun.

Recipe: All you need is a pouch of sugar cookie mix, butter, egg, peanut butter, and candies to decorate the cookies. Give your cookies any shape or size but don’t forget to make it look scary by using candies.

•Creepy Spider Candy and Noodles Nest

Spider shaped candies are much sweeter than they are scary. Kids will love this simple Halloween recipe. Ask your kids to help you make this recipe to increase their interest in this Halloween recipe as...

27 Sep 2016

There's been a growth in the online candy market, as a lot of online candy shops in USA have come up growing the market size little by little. Many offering bulk offers and whatever else they can think of to lure in the customers. Getting candies in bulk however isn't a bad idea as they can be saved later to celebrate the upcoming holidays or just store it simply for the love of indulging in some of your favorite licorice. It however beats you from having to run to the store every time to get your candy rush...